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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Newly Formed Crafters

I don't want to take full credit for this, but it seems like so so soooooo many people in my life are just becoming "crafty"! It's large amounts of fun...all day long emails and texts from everyone. The security guard for the building (at my "real" job) keeps making all these way fun things for her daughters room. Friends that used to make jewelry (and sell it BIG time on the west coast) thankfully making jewelry again. Even my engineer/farmer (yes both full time) buddy in the mid west calls me with " can you make something out of nieces need something with this..."

Positive creative energy all day long.

So is it a new "trend" that won't last- like the 60's/70's arts and crafts movement? Or is there some awesome way we can keep it going and going, despite exhaustion. Lets see what insane amounts of social media and Red Bull will do for all us artists...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Phew! The Holiday Rush is Over...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday! But I'm glad all of the rushing is over!
Back to making lots of goodies for all to see and buy!
Check out for the latest additions!
And as always for the latest news on shows and fascinating things- like Erra Creations on Facebook!