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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Playing With Mud, or Something

Don't ya just hate when you NEED something and it is NOWHERE to be found?
I have a custom line I am doing for some wedding pieces that require 12 mm round 
resin pieces I have to cast. ...and nooooooo, no one sells a mold for that.

After much frustration, I realized that I could probably make my own mold!  AHA!


While I was writing this post, my boss came up to my desk (yes, I am at work, playing with toys, win) and he said "Perfect! You can make me the plastic parts I need for my car!"

So next project, plastic car pieces...time to grind some Legos and green army men!

nicole @erra

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Oh How Did I Forget...?

Forget What?! you ask?

Well, just when I started working my "desk" job almost 6 years ago, I walked into a super sterile desk area, like anyone. But I couldn't hang things...really nothing. After a few weeks, I had finished a lil' box of tea I had picked up when I was studying in London. Instead of throwing the box out, I thought it best to make my paper clip holder MINE (...and it lived in my drawer...where it wasn't "seen")

((see the arrow above? that's where I lived, in Notting Hill!))

How did I forget about this guy?
 I use him everyday!!!!
Maybe it's like the post-it note theory- that when you look at something everyday you stop seeing it, like a wall of post-it note reminders.

So I guess I need to get more on board with smelling the roses.

Fortune cookie says: Don't be afraid to take a chance when the opportunity of a lifetime appears
Pretty rockin'...and it's been there for over 5 years

love 'n peace

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back to School Resolutions

I remember the days when starting a new year in school could be compared to the New Year.
So much excitement- you don't know what new things will happen and what new people you'll meet. I also always had a sense of a resolution, something I was going to get better at or being to do.

It's been years since I was in school, but I still have this same sense at the end of the summer- when the smell of the air begins to change. Time for weeding out the warm weather clothing and shoes from my closet, putting away all of our picnic wares and decorations (don't worry- we still party, just inside or out by the fire pit!) I want to go buy new clothes, office supplies, yummies to pack our lunches with...........

Then the lists start: what needs a deep cleaning, clearing out all 8 of my email inboxes (ugh), detailing our cars, taming the paper monster...there is just a lot!!!

I'm going to do two things for sure
1. get my butt back to doing yoga (yay!)
2. plan our food menu for the week, every week, together

I found some great ideas, to make it a fun project for us, on Pinterest :)
(come follow erra on Pinterest, too!  )

hope one of them can help you too!

Menu board

все же да )

Silhouette Blog: Organization Week :: Menu Planning Board Part 1

I think the magnets may win!!! I'll share what we do - soon!