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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What To Make...Or What Makes You

I had a very interesting conversation with a fellow friend/artist yesterday. 
They have been suffering from some dark depression, etc., and the thing(s) that have helped them most are friends encouraging to get  art-ing again and the act of art-ing.

How awesome is that. Not the down-in-the-dumps, but how making and creating is saving them!!

I know about that- I've worked almost every job, have had tons of "kick-in-the-faces", 
and just not liked where my life was heading.

When I started making things again, it wasn't to make money, 
it was to because making was making me happy again! 

Wouldn't you know- I've finally realized my dream job- my dream life!
I'm not sure where my end goal is, whether it be a brick and mortar storefront or travelling for shows or online, but as long as I'm making, and get to see my art making other happy and laugh- all is well here <3

erra's new bicycle chain wine charms

Moral of the story:
 sit down, relax, think, and ponder with a glass of wine
how you are going to make your life awesome and happy!

<3 nicole @erra

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