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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Project Food Budget- Week 2

So Week 1- I definitely planned more meals than we could eat (wooweee, that means freezer meals for another time!)

Week 2

I went shopping, and went to the farmers market! I was so excited that I spent a total of $45.06! YES!

Then I went back down to my car and realized I forgot that I had also purchased a gallon each of white vinegar and cider vinegar. So I went $8.51 over. That's not too bad, right? I'll try to make it back in Week 3.

So far this week I made pulled pork (=pork butt in crock pot covered [1/2 root beer, 1/4 cider vinegar, 1/4 h20]) It's amazing. Just ask my dad. I froze half of it so that I wouldn't have to make it again in a few weeks when I have another craving!

I had stocked up on creamed corn and corn muffin mix when Bottom Dollar was going out of business, so i purchased 2 chicken breasts and made chicken tamale casserole.
Here is the "real" recipe:; but I use a real egg, real milk, a bit more cheese, and we each with crunched tortilla chips in lieu of sour cream.
I bought lots of veggies this week and haven't decided what to make yet. Anyone have any good cauliflower ideas that don't involve 1,000+ steps? ;)

I did break down and buy white bread, pb and jelly. Its been so long since I have had one. So that's been breakfast. Not expensive at all ($0.85 bread, $1.89 pb, $1.69 jelly = $4.43 for 7 breakfasts = $0.63 per breakfast)....

Tonight we are having hot sausage with peppers and onions (the sausage was a gift from a neighbor...venison) let's hope it's good!

I never did make the black bean taquitos from goop so I'll do that to finish the week out.

Basic Meal Plan:

Breakfast: pb & j
Lunch: salad and soup
Dinners: pulled pork, chicken tamale, sausage with peppers and onions, spaghetti, black bean taquitos.

It's been hard to cook and have time to make things- 2 shows this weekend!

Friday July 10: 5:30-11 pm Downtown : PDP Night Market with the Gallery Crawl Pittsburgh

Sunday July 12: 9am-2pm Castle Shannon: the Mindful Market (the old McGinnis Market Parking lot on Rt. 88) (farmer's market on awesome!)

xo and happy eating!

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  1. My favorite cauliflower recipes are either for "cauliflower wings" or as part of a stir fry. Not sure what your preference would be, but would be happy to pass along recipes.