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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Little Bungalow on the Hill

My man and I bought our first home just before Thanksgiving.
                                                                                       We call it, our little bungalow on the hill

We knew going into buying this house, that it would need a little bit of work........
                 duh duh duh.......
                                   Ya- in no time you could feel, and hear, the floorboard breaking underfoot.
                                    But, the carpet and carpet padding kept us from falling (woo!)

Thanks to a SUPER generous donation, we were gifted all the 3/4" plywood we needed...for the WHOLE HOUSE! (thanks GD!)

Loading up that wood was a superb Sunday morning workout!

Wood Kicking with Friends

(yes...workshop below) and no, don't try to rob us through the front door!

Time to start brainstorming flooring options...I vote bamboo

And, good night, from the ambient and romantic glow below!

hugs and licks <3

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