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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Making New Things!!!

I just love making jewelry and wares for men...and other gifts.
I get to play with power tools when I am working with bicycle parts and fun vintage goods.
I love my art, but my brain just wanted more to do!

As a lot of you know, I grew up in my family's art and craft supply store. I had great tons of fun always making  - and learning new crafts. So trying something new is always happening.

Also while growing up, I was obsessed with products. Hair, skin, body, and especially scents and perfumes.
(I even had a journal where I kept notes of perfumes I came in contact with!)

Fast forward to today, I wanted to get back into body and glorious essential oil smelly goodness!
I started making solid lotions. 
Perfect for use after a shower- or anytime.
I made mine not greasy and not waxy.
Some with exfoliating properties, some with organic bug repellent and zinc for help against 
the sun's harmful rays.
Shimmering and bronzing with only natural minerals and pigments for a perfect sun kissed glow.

I decided that my best plan of action was to make everything small batch, just like I make everything else - I can pay close attention to each and every part I create.

It started with a line geared and named towards cyclists (pun intended!) (just to be fun)
  but fabulous for everyone!

Gear Up - A natural bug repelling and zinc infused moisturizing bar to have the ride of your life!

Tune Up - A post ride "ommmmm" with sweet birch oil (which is known to soothe sore parts) and ylang ylang.

Riding Queen - You've done the hard part- now enjoy time off the bike with this natural pigment and mineral bronzing and shimmering delight- with a slight hint of grapefruit.

It starts off with measuring all the ingredients and melting them together over heat.

Adding in my perfect mixture of essential oil and goodness, then pouring into molds I have chosen for each type of purpose.

Sure - those were my first two pours, and they don't look fabu from that angle, but they are amazing! I haven't heard from anyone that doesn't love them!

They come in travel sizes to try and travel with.

And full size for a luxurious pampering!

Have you tried one yet?
You should- we're in love with them!

To get started, I am offering 35% off of your order with a minimum purchase of $10 - as long as you have at least one lotion bar in your cart! 
You will be a believer too!

have a great day! have any questions?
nicole @erra

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