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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Fever

Hi friends!
It's been awhile, eh?
You know how it is busy, started school...and alas! You just start losing touch with your world AND yourself.

So hello!
It's time for an all around reconnect.
For me, it involves listening to great Baroque music and wishing it was warm enough to walk around my garden barefoot.....

While waiting for warmth and green, I daydream and plan plan plan: what's in the garden this year?

I got a lemon tree for Valentine's Day (YAY!) and it has teeny tiny lemons growing already! So I thought it would be fun to stay in this general theme.. so I bought a fig tree and a blueberry bush....

I can't wait until they look like this!

Off to figure out what seeds to plant...what are you planting this year?


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