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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Creating with Leftovers

Now...I normally just talk about making wares and jewelry, but I LOVE creating in our kitchen too. It also one of the easiest and most fun places to be crafty!

Since we just purchased our first home, budgeting is key! And waste not, want not is my philosophy, so budgeting and not wasting are more relevant now than ever!

Silly as it sounds, the one thing that always seems to have bits and pieces leftover is beef! I've been saving the leftover scraps since we moved and now have a pretty good stash--what to make?! (and yes...casseroles are our favorite for 3 reasons. Super easy, super freezable, and we love eating out of bowls!

Here are my favorites from my good 'n faithful websites :

Leftover Meat Casserole
Leftover Meat Casserole. Photo by Sackville
(Photo from

Opted out of the onion, and added minced mushrooms to the mix (have to add and hide veggies at every chance!)

Score: Pretty Yummers (4/5)

Leftover Meat and Potato Casserole

Leftover Meat & Potato Casserole
(Photo from

Obviously- didn't have 8- 2oz slices of roast- I just grabbed a bunch!
..and Trader Joe's Gravy, makes it work in a pinch!

Score: Indeed Yummers (4.5/5)

And leftover taco meat...that was easy- NACHOS!!!

And a weight watchers recipe at that!
By far the "best looking" of the bunch. Lots of chopping (thanks for helping food processor!)
And good enough for guests

Score: Woot! (5/5)

Enjoy doing some cooking and creating!!

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